Helping startups navigate the complexities of security, privacy, and data protection compliance standards.

Growing a B2B startup is hardBeing a B2B vendor is hard enough as a startup…

Compliance has become yet another hurdle to overcome.

CompliAce was started to help early-stage B2B SaaS startups address the compliance demands placed upon them by larger corporates and enterprises as a condition for business. We're building a suite of tech-enabled services to help you get on the way to demonstrating compliance with relevant regulations and standards, including SOC 2, ISO 27001, and GDPR, so that you can unlock more B2B sales.

Take the first step, right here, right now!

Get started by taking our compliance preparedness questionnaire! Receive tailored feedback on your startup's readiness for the road to security, privacy, and data protection compliance, and identify areas where work will be needed to reach the relevant standards.

By taking the questionnaire, you'll also be added to the waitlist for our CompliAce BETA platform, a suite of self-serve AI tools (such as complianceGPT and autoSQ) combined with a white-glove service where we actively help you reach SOC 2 or ISO 27001 certification.


A bonus offering: complianceGPT

We got started by creating this tool for the community of early-stage B2B startup founders, as well as professionals preparing for certification programs such as CISSP, CISA, or ISO 27001 Lead Auditor. Textbooks and long standards specification PDF files are not practical for finding answers quickly. ChatGPT is an exciting new resource, but it's all too often not good enough for clear, reliable answers about compliance topics. Those who take the ComplyAce intake questionnaire (⤴️) will be granted access to our specially trained AI answer-bot that is grounded upon 100% authoritative sources covering security, privacy, and data protection standards.

ChatGPT can give wrong answers about ISO 27001, compared to complianceGPT that is specially trained on the latest ISO 27001 specifications.

ChatGPT-4 giving incorrect information about ISO 27001

ChatGPT can be quite wordy about GDPR. Sometimes you just want a clear answer to your question — complianceGPT has your back!

ChatGPT-4 is often much too wordy

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